Women have no Home

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 20 May, 2014

( By Amna Cheema Aroop Gujranwala) A Woman is a still victim in every society , when she lives in her parents ‘s home she dreams to have her own home one day ,( because this is what she is being taught ), which will be given to her by her husband and she will be the owner of that home. She will live there as she will want and she will decorate the home with her own her, from her childhood, she is being given dolls to play and play with the toys like, furniture and house hold, Because she is being give training to be a good wife. But after getting married she can never give a surety that this is her own and permanent home. Her husband can take it back from her any time, if she will not live the life of his choice and if she will interfere in his personal matters. Hameed spent a same life. She got married to her cousin, whom she idealized, she thought she was the luckiest one to have him as her husband, he was a rich man. He loved her too, they were living a good life she was very happy by getting her prince charming. But then time changed and reality was opened to her. She gave birth to two daughter and four sons. But none of her sons was survived, all of them died after some time of their birth. Being a mother it was a most tragic incident of her life, she was alive but actually she was broken by heart. She needed to be loved and cared, she needed her husband to make her feel that it was not her fault, but he started blaming her for this. he said to her that she was not capable to give birth to healthy sons, so he has a right to get married again , she was not agreed on this, then he said he will give her divorce if she will not be agreed and she will have to leave his home along with her two daughters, She did not have a choice and found a girl for him; she bought new clothes, shoes and makeup kits and jewelry for the new bride and brings her to home as new wife of her own husband. She thought, by doing this at least she will have a home to live in and will not have to be shelter less, but still she could not realize that women have no home. So after some time when new wife gave birth to a son, Hameeda was thrown out of her home because her husband thought she was useless because she could not produce a son for him Now she came back to her father’s home. And asked for a shelter, he got agreed to keep her in his home but her daughters were not allowed, they were young and beautiful so he did not want to take their responsibility. So the girls where again sent to father’s home, after some times girls got married and Hameed spent her rest of life at her own father’s home. After forty years she found her permanent and own home which was her grave, because women have no home but a grave.


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