Women have to take a stand for each other, for the rights of women

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By Sister Zeph

On 26 January, 2014

I know her from my childhood, she was an intelligent girl, she was first woman one in the village who passed her intermediate, and she had been teaching me when I was just a little girl. She was very youthful; I was in grade fifth when she got married, she lived a good life with her husband, she had one cute daughter, but her happy life did not remain for a long time. Right after birth of her child, she came to know that she had a hole in her heart so cannot have any more children, or she will die. From this, her hard life got started, her mother-in-law started to forcing her husband to get married again, they wanted to leave her, many times they threw her out of home after so much beating, but every time she went back to them, she did not want her daughter to live without father. Her brother did not want her to live with them; they had their own families so she was a burden for them now. Her disease and hate of her relatives made her hopeless, she forgot that she was educated and could do something to be empowered, And one day all was gone, she was all alone, her husband took her as a burden but he was living with her for the daughter, he did not love her any more, but he was her life partner, every time she was in fear that one day he will leave her and will get married to any other women to get more children, But he did not leave her, he did not get married again, he did not asked her to leave his home. Because one day when he went to his work he never came back because he was dead in a road accident. Now she was all alone, her in-laws denied keeping her with them, so she came to her brother’s home with her child, who also did not keep her with them, her father who was an old man. Was having a small piece of land, he made a home of one room for her, and from last 6 years she is living there, she did her bachelor’s in Arts and started doing a job in nearby Private school, where she is being paid $30 a month, which mean she earns 1$ a day, and with this amount she has to pay utility bill, buy grocery, cloths, her daughter’s school fee, her uniform, her stationary etc and manages everything. Today when I was in my office, she came to my home and asked my mother to find a job for her, now she is 45 years old and because of stress her voice trembles while speaking, so it is not easy to find a job for her, My mother told me that, she said, she is not taking medicine for her heart now, Because she is fine, but I know she is not fine, how she can be fine without any medicine and cure, but she told herself that she was fine , because there was no other option except making herself believe that she was fine, Because she cannot afford a doctor I will try my level’s best to find a job for her, but this is not a solution. From my childhood I have a dream to make a home , where old women will live, they will have all kind of comfort there, Ill women will have medical facilities, they will get education, they will get there employment , their children will get education and skills, that will be a world, where all women will be strong, they will have believe in themselves, they will support each other to grow, there will be no hopelessness in their lives, I will send them all over the world , to make more women, educated, skilled and empowered, so one day , all women of my world will become independent , they will not be a burden on any one but those who think women are weak , will look towards women to get their help in every things. At the moment I cannot do anything for her, but next week when I will receive my salary I will go to her home with some grocery and with a big hug of love and respect for her, I know it is hard to be sick, it is harder to be without an access to a doctor but it is hardest to be alone, to feel alone.


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