Women’s Condition in rural areas of my Society in Pakistan

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By Sister Zeph

On 04 September, 2013

By Sister Zeph

Shama is a 40 years old lady with four kids, She has a very swear pain in her back bone now a days, She cannot sit properly. She was learning stitching from Zephaniah’s learning Center, but this pain has made it impossible for her to learn more, So now she has to take rest, unfortunately she cannot take rest too, because she has to do many things in her home, take care of her kids, husband, to cook food, to clean home, to wash cloths and other important duties being a house wife. Today when I was coming to my office she came to me and said she wants to talk, so I sat with her for some time. She was looking very sad and hopeless. I thought she was sick that’s why it was so, but there was something more painful that she was going to tell me. She told, last night she got sick so much, she asked her husband to get her medicine. But he replied, he would bring her to the Hospital and he did not have extra money to spend on her. She said, on this answer her heart was broken and she was feeling very hurt and alone, She said if he will not support her , who will take care of her, Her eyes got red due to crying . She had been crying in her bed, but he did not notice it. She came to me, because she wanted to earn something herself. She wanted to be empowered; she did not want to depend on him anymore. She lives in my neighborhood and I know her since a long time, Because we have a beauty salon training Center, so one day when she came there I asked her to allow us to give a good shape to her eye brows, but she denied because she did not want to do anything with her face without her husband’s consent. She is not living with him like a wife but like a goat. And all of this, she is doing to get his love and attention, and because she knows, she needs a home, food and clothes, that he provides her. But she needs his love too , that he does not give her, like mostly men do in our culture , they treat women like a slave, like a property and like a goat but not like a life partner , wife, human being and a lover. But stranger thing is that women feel proud on this and they give themselves completely in men’s hands, and allow them to do any thing. Is this a love? May be, but I thinks it is insecurity because women in my society do not have courage to take a stand for their rights, and its reason is that they nor educated neither empowered. They are not aware of their rights, given by the state to them. They cannot move safely in the society without a man. Because there is no rule of law here So what happened they have to give themselves to a man who is allowed to do what he wants to do. And they become a patient of anxiety, women in my society remain angry on small things, they quarrel with each other all the time, with daughter in law, with mother in law, with sister in law. And this is very common her e. Because they are unhappy, they feel insecure, they are not independent .


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