World Pulse can Stop Climate Change

Posted November 8, 2015 from Pakistan
Climate change is one of the biggest issues on the earth which we are facing; so many changes are taking place in our atmosphere and in our lives. Climate change is already beginning to transform life on Earth.Around the globe, seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing and sea levels are rising. And meanwhile, our planet must still supply us – and all living things – with air, water, food and safe places to live. but with this biggest issue which is caused by the human beings has put our earth on a biggest threat, its temperature is getting higher , wildlife is at risk, water level of our oceans is increasing and so many changes in our weathers. The question is that if all countries of the world are working to stop climate change then why it, instead of being stopped is getting increased? Part of the world to which I belong , I never have heard anybody talking about this , nobody is worried and they have faith that one day this world will be vanished and that’s all but they do not know, they are all going to take a part to end this world. This is a very strange behavior that most people believe, because one day we will die so we do not have to do anything to secure our world’s future Our people are cutting trees to make new towns and to build new houses, to make new furniture and to decorate their homes. We human beings are strange; to make our houses we are ruining our earth. Why they are not trying to save the world from climate change? Because they do not know what is going to happen and that they can try to stop this change All the leaders, intellectuals and successful people are discussing this matter but common people are still unaware of it. Every one of us urge leaders to make changes but leaders cannot make changes they can make only laws, a change can be made only by the common people, So if we really want to implement something we have to make common people understand it. ”And if we want a revolution we have to aware women of climate change, not only the women of the developed countries, we have to focus on the mind sets of the women of poor and developing countries” They give birth to at least five to six children, more children means more population, more carbon dioxide in the air, more cutting of trees, more vehicles, more factories, more wastage, less education, less land, less food, less health facilities, less opportunities and less oxygen and all these together cause the climate change There are countries where women , although they work more than men but they stay around their children most of the time and men stay away, so these are women who can give information to their children , they can teach them whatever they will learn themselves . So if women will understand that climate change will ruin the world where their children will live in future, women will take a stance for sure So if we really want to stop climate change we have to arrange visits door to door, we should call them in meetings, we should do a campaign through dramas and stage shows, we should make them realize that their coming generations are in danger and only they can stop it I am very angry with the world, because they do not know, IF THEY REALLY WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE THEY WILL HAVE TO TAKE A START FROM THE GRASS ROOT LEVEL But most of the time they do not do it, they give grants and support to only those who already have so many funds and sources to implement their ideas to make this world a better place, but they do not support those who really belong to grass root level, who understand how to implement a change, who understand the psyche of their people and know how to convince them to accept something new. Who have given their lives to make other lives better but they are being neglected because they are not famous, because if a news paper will publish their story it will not be a big hit, they need resources and opportunities, so the world leaders should work to indentify such grass root level’s leaders who can really do it. During my experience of 17 years I have realized that only world Pulse is a platform which brings women in highlights like me, who are unknown to the world, that’s why it is a most favorite channel for women to express their thoughts, ideas and initiatives, I do not know any other channel which makes common women the stars and inspiration for the world only world Pulse has this much courage to do it. Only world Pulse has courage to tell the world about unsung heroines of our world. And I know only world Pulse has a potential to stop this biggest threat to the world which is Climate change. ”Because World Pulse has a very big Army of women Soldiers who can fight day and night to make this world a heaven on earth”and more soldiers are joining it every day. ”World Pulse is a symbol of Unity where women from all Religions, Regions, Back Grounds, Cultures, skin colors and societies become sisters of each other”this is an only place where I never see any kind of discrimination

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