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By Sister Zeph

On 11 April, 2013

By Zephaniah

I was just thirteen years old when I started teaching girls in my village as a volunteer. Now it has been fifteen years. I had a lot of stories to tell the world about my student‘s lives, stories unheard to the world.

Then one day my dearest friend Ruth Bech, head admin of the World Wide Women, told me to join World Pulse’s new program Voices of Our Future. I was so much excited about this so I joined it immediately.

And when I started writing on it and got feedback it was an amazing experience for me, because I was not only learning, but there was a huge audience to hear me. It was just one click away to share my voice on problems, the issues, the misery, and the torture that is being faced by the women of my part of the world.

It was very encouraging for me to know that a single lady, Jensine Larsen founder and CEO of the World Pulse, was a very young girl and that she started this alone, and gave a voice to the women of over 190 countries. World Pulse offers a huge network for women to be heard, to share their stories, to get opportunities to grow, to do progress, to fight for their rights, to get awareness, and Word Pulse is a voice of the voiceless women around the world

It’s editorial gives us a chance to write better stories, with a confidence that what is true and unique will get a place and a chance to be published on a large scale of channels like BBC.

I value the principels of World Pulse because I know that it gives: Voices: Like it give a voice to my words Courage: My readers from here give me courage to keep working for weaker women Possibility: It is now possible for me to express my ideas in a better way Beauty: I learned from here how to make my words beautiful Innovate: I innovate the world around me with the help of World Pulse Connectedness: Now I have a connection with the women of integrity all around the world

And as I am a part of the World Pulse team, I now to transform the world into a better place for the women. I am feeling more confident myself, as I have learned a lot from the World Pulse, and I know this is just beginning. The revolution has started.


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