Zeph Girl’s Diary Part 1

Posted May 6, 2016 from Pakistan
I am a Zeph girl I am a student at Zeph Education I want to tell you about my life I want to tell you that how a girl live a life from her birth to end of her life in my society

When I took a birth my parents would live in a joint family with my uncles , aunts and grandparents because this is our culture .so when I took a birth my grandmother started crying and said my daughter –in –law is not lucky for us because she has given birth to a daughter.

When I was just one month old my grandmother told to my mother that they cannot afford to buy milk for me but my mother said she will feed me herself although she was very weak and her milk for not enough for me and mother said she will ask her husband to buy milk for their daughter if she will not be able to feed her child her breast feed , my grandmother told my mother to leave the house immediately because my mother argued with her but my mother said I will not go from here even if you do not give me even a single bite to eat because her own parents were so poor and she did not want to be burden on them but my grandparents threw us out of home by force, it was so cold and there was no place for us to live my mother and I had to live for three days on road so I got sick and my mother had to go back to my father she bowed to his foot and beg to save my life but even then he did not buy me medicine neither allowed us to stay at home so finally she decided to go to her parents’ home until then I had so high fever so my uncle brought me to the hospital.

Then my mother’s father again went to my father and requested him to take us back to his home then my grandparents( my father’s parents) said if my father will keep us with him they will not allow him to stay with them so my father left the home with us and we took a home on rent .

When I was too years old my brother was born so there was a big celebration in the family even my grandparents who did not allow us to live in their home came, they were so happy for my mother for giving birth to a son and they said they need a son next time too.

But after one year another daughter was born so my father started hating my mother and said another burden has come into my life he forgot that according to our religion girls are a blessing.

And then my mother gave birth to seven daughters every year she produces a girls in a hope that may be next time this will be a son and then makes her life more hell then before when my younger sister took birth he threatened her to give divorce and when my 7th sister took a birth he tried to kill her by not giving anything to eat some time my mother would give her water in the feeder to keep her alive she is now three years old but she is abnormal physically and mentally and her own life is a burden for her because she was not a boy

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