Zeph Girl’s Diary Part 2

Posted May 7, 2016 from Pakistan
So years passed and I entered to sixth standard so I joined Zeph Education here I was given as much love that I forgot all my pain which I had been facing during 11 years of my life in punishment of being a girl

Next two years of my life passed very well and I then I passed my 7th standard I was very glad and proud because I was going to be a student of 8th standard but then one day my father gave me a very big shock I felt like my heart was broken inside all dreams were over no hope was left I felt like I was flying in the air and suddenly I was fell down and all my hopes were broken into pieces because my father said I was not allowed anymore to get education.

Because it is common in my family, none of the girls in previous history of my family got education more than 4th standard most girls cannot attend school even for one day, they have to get married at the age of 13 or 14 they just learn to serve the family and children and this is their life .

I was helpless and I found no way to do anything I kept thinking for many days and then I took a decision in my heart that I will not let anything happen to my sisters and to myself which has been happening to the girls in my family in past

So I thought to talk to my father it was very difficult but it was not impossible so I talked to him and requested that please allow me to go to school for one more year but he rebuked me and I had to sit quietly

Then one day my Aunt came with her son’s proposal for me I was thirteen at that time and when she talked to my father and he accepted this proposal last hope to get education was died from my heart

But I beg to my father again to give me only one more year I do not know why his heart was melted that day so he said ok you can go to school for one more year and after that if you will ask me to go to school I will kill you.

And then one year was passed so the time for my exams came but then my mother got ill again and my father denied to bring her to the hospital and get her medicine it was a very difficult time for me, how I could prepare for my exams when she was on death bed? So I requested to my mother’s father again to get her to the hospital he brought her with him and got her medical treatment

So now I was not only preparing for my exams but I was taking care of my four younger sisters and one brother and was taking care of my home too

But this chance for me was a like do or die I knew I had to pass the exams, I had to do it, I knew I was not going to pass 8th standards I was going to give light to my younger sisters, I knew I was going to change the history of my family, I knew I was going to do what has never been happen in my family. So I worked, and studied and I worked and I studied and I worked and I studies all the time , every single moment

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