Zeph Girl’s Diary Part 4

Posted May 12, 2016 from Pakistan
At that moment I thought this is a good chance I should tell my father that I want to join the Pak Army and this is my dream but I was again afraid to tell him about my dream because girls are not allowed to have a dream in my family so I discussed with sister Zeph and she said talk to him once and let us see what is his response if he will not be agreed then I will do something , so I talked to him and he said first complete your education then we will see what to do.

So I started preparing for my exams for 10th standard but then once again an incident happened.

One boy kept following me on my way to school I tried to get rid of him many times but he did not stop he was used to pass remarks about me, he tried to gave me his number to call him and he said he loves me a lot then one day when there was no one in my home he came there and someone from the neighbors saw him coming to my home I requested him to go away I begged him to go and when he did not go I held a knife and run towards him so he was gone but until evening this news was spread in the whole village that I had bad relations with that boy so all the neighbors boycotted us , all girls who would go to academy with me they stopped talking to me, many parents came to sister Zeph and warned her that if you will teach this girl we will not allow our girls to come to your center and my father tried to kill me for his honor but I was saved luckily

Then sister Zeph sent me a message that take it easy just wait for a few days and let people forget about this news mean while I will try to brain wash girls so that they can realize that you cannot do it and you are a good girl so I had to stay at home for a month but Sister Zeph sent me books so that I can read at home and do not keep thinking about bad things because I was not wrong at all I did not know who was that boy I knew I did not have a right to talk to a man or my father will kill me.

So after one month she called a meeting of all the girls in the center and asked them one questions that do you think that Zeph Girl can do this thing? They did not know what to say because now the news was old one and it was not that much attractive for them, Then She asked to the girls what do they think a patient needs a doctor or the one who is perfectly fine? They replied’’ the one who is not fine’’ then she said ok even if she has done this do you think we should leave her alone? Do you think we should let her die? You can also be in her place one day what you will do then? What will be your condition? So all girls decided that they will not tell at their homes that I am coming to the center for a while and that no one will remind me about this incident.

Now second problem was to agree my father so she again talked to him and gave him a guaranty that his daughter cannot do it and made a promise for me that she will give me a good future by any cost.

So finally I joined the center and took exams of my 10th standard and after that day the biggest even of Muslim world came the Eid whole world was celebrating, they were enjoying, they were cooking food, they were wearing new cloths but in my home every one was again crying. My grandparents came to my home because they wanted my father to get me married I was serving them water when a glass of water fell down on my grandmother’s cloths I immediately said sorry I requested her to forgive me but she started shouting and said that’s why I said you should not get education you should stop going to school so that you can learn house hold she kept shouting mean while my father came and slapped me and then he went into other room my grandparents were laughing at me and were saying see this is a fruit of your education. Then I cooked rice and when they ate they started praising it they did not know I cooked that rice so I said see I can do anything I can cook a nice food , I can wash pots , I clean home and I am getting education. So they did not speak anything But something which you will not believe was yet to happen

To be continued

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