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36 young women take IT classes Annually and become a part of the global village. Our students are working in different sectors and different organization in Pakistan. They are HR managers, administrators, have small businesses, teachers and are educating other women

This past year (2018) more young women received IT training from our center than ever before!

We have started teaching basic IT skills to little children as well

“There are so many restrictions in our culture which binds our people to certain limits. Children and teens are told by parents who to meet, who not to meet, what to do and what not to do. They are being taught to believe in superstitious beliefs which become reason of so many problems in our society and effect the international community too. Therefore we have started teaching IT to students of all ages so that from the very beginning they learn to become a part of an international society and search for answers of all those questions which come into their minds. ” -Sister Zeph

When Malee visited both times, in 2016 and 2018, she brought with her laptops donated by labdoo. A non profit organization that donated refurbished laptops with specialized learning programs on them.

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