Interfaith Harmony

Interfaith Harmony

We are creating interfaith harmony through education and empowerment at Zephaniah Free Education. Sister Zeph, The Founder and Chairperson, has been working her whole life for interfaith harmony in her neighborhood and community. At the school and center both Muslims and Christians are welcome without discrimination.

At Zephaniah both Muslims and Christians are encouraged to work together without bias or discrimination. We provide a space for women of all backgrounds to spend time together, work together and to get to know each other outside cultural confines and expectations. We believe in a world without discrimination of any kind at Zephaniah.

Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers

August 2019 Sister Zeph joined the “Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers” Thailand for 5 days as a fellow. She spoke up about being a Christian in Pakistan (minority rights) and brought to light a deeper understanding of other religions. Since arriving back home Sister Zeph is active in er interfaith harmony work more than ever before.

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