Education is a Real Power of a Woman

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 11 July, 2014

She is about 35 years old, she has three daughters, her eldest daughter is just five years old and the youngest is two and a half. When I went to her home and she looked at me coming to her, she started crying; her eyes were dry for being weeping continuously since a month. She was looking very aged and sick. She was wearing very dirty cloths, hunger and poverty could be seen at her home everywhere. Her daughters were very cute, they were not aware of what was happened to them, they did not know about the life that they were going to face, they were smiling and were playing, but eldest daughter did not leave her mom while I was there, she was cleaning her mom’s tears and was hugging her again and again The lady was trying to speak but every time when she started speaking her tears blocked her voice and I was hardly able to understand what she was saying. It was not easy for me to control my own tears by looking at her condition but I had to be strong because I was there to give her a hope and strength for her tough future and for daughters who were now only her responsibility. Right after six and a half year of their marriage her Husband was dead due to an electric shock. She does not have her own home the house given by the company where her husband was working, was suppose to be taken back from her (I do not know exactly about it) she did not know where to go and what to do now. She did not have any plan for her future, she was thinking only one thing that why her husband was died, he was suppose to be with her forever, according to her he never allowed her to go out of home and she did not need it because she was very happy at home with her family But reality is always different then our dreams. Her husband was our colleague, and after his death I told my seniors that I can offer his wife a training of hairdressing , party makeup and bridal make up, so that after making her own beauty salon she can earn enough money to take care of her family . Thanks to my seniors who allowed me to visit her home and ask if she was agree to do this, and for this purpose I visited her home. When I went to her home I was very sad by looking at her condition, but the good thing about her is that she is a skilled and educated lady she knows to do stitching and her education is intermediate, so I soon she will be able to take good care of her family. Her lose is a very big lose, but I am hopeful that she will manage to live a good life with strength for her herself and her for her girls. Yes difficulties will come , many times she will feel alone, but we all have to face difficulties in our lives, but strong people over come on bad circumstances they do not get fail. The biggest strength for women is education and empowerment, but still people in developing countries think that education for women is not essential, truth is that without education a women cannot be a complete woman, Education is a life, Education is a change, Education is a power, Education is wisdom, Education is a reality, and education is a life partner that will never leave a woman alone, Her brother can go far, her father can die, her husband can get sick or unfaithful, but her education will never leave her, no matter how far she goes, No matter she gets sick , no matter even if she dies, Education will never leave her alone.


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