Every girl has a right to get education

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By Sister Zeph

On 23 April, 2013

By Zephaniah

Mr Brigham Young said that “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.

This is what we all need to learn and follow to make this world a better place because a mother is a first teacher of a person .As we see that all those countries are poor countries ,where there is no focus on the education of women . I belong to Pakistan and in some of the areas here, it is not easy to talk about girls’ education. Here the situation of women is very sad. Here there is so much discrimination for the girls. They are not allowed to breath with own choice, they have to suffer even for very small things, they cannot dream to fly really high. Because they are not aware of their rights, they always try to get protection for themselves, because they think only a man will give them security. Women suffer whole life and do everything to keep happy to the men for their family It has been centuries that they are being told that they are weak, they can do nothing, they cannot be professionals, but only sex dolls and child production machines and that’s all. A girl from her childhood start dreaming of a husband, she does not have any other goal in life to achieve, but to get married. Men treat them as they want, they can even kill them on the name of so called honor. Education give us awareness and courage to fight for our rights, it makes our future secure and future of our next generations. I am running a free school for girls since fifteen years in my village. So I have to see many stories of girls Ayesha’s father beat her four times in last four days because she wants to study but he cannot buy new shoes for her so he does not want her to go to school Anam is ten years old her father wants her to learn stitching in my school, but she is not allowed to read book and to learn writing. Bushra’s uncle boycotted her mother because she wanted her girls to get education so now bushra lives home and stopped studying Sarah’s is afraid that when she will be fifteen years old her brother will force her to get married and she will not be able to go to school then, although she wants to study a lot Shiza’s father has broken her four teeth because one day she was holding a book and was trying to read it, when he entered in home. One day when I was crossing the road to go to my office two boys with covered faces stopped me and said we know what you are doing with our girls and we will see you very soon (I am teaching the girls as a volunteer) Hopeful thing is that, things are getting better now and girls want to study. But there are a few barriers that we need to break now. Some time it is due to poverty that they cannot access to get education. Child married is very big barrier for education It is in our culture that it is being considered that, if a girl will be educated she will be proud and will not follow the man’s instructions. Sometimes it is due to so many children, parents think that girl will go to the other home after getting married, so we will get education to our boy, so that he will be with us in our old age. Girls are not allowed to do a job, so that cannot be strong economically even if they are educated. It is our culture that only a man will earn and the woman will obey him at any cost so she should must be weak as compare to a man. They do not understand the difference between confidence and awareness and rule breakers. They think and educated women will break their rules and will try to use own wisdom. It is being considered that, women cannot be wise and they cannot go out of home, so it is good for them to learn only cooking, and cleaning of home and how to make the husband happy. Our Government needs to make rules and have to implement them by all means. Every educated person need to teach others. We have to teach men that, women are not their slaves they are a part of their lives. Awareness through media is very important. Population control is also important. We need to create jobs for women in every field of life so they can have an opportunity to proof that women are wise and they can do anything, so that it will be an example for the others I am trying to give my example to the people of my area , I am do not have a brother my parents are totally dependent on me, I am doing a job for them and for my students and in evening I teach in my school after doing a full time job, by doing this I want to tell them ,that girls after getting education do not break rules , but they respect the rules , set by the society and can play a role to resolve the problems of others, and that parents can be proud of the educated girls .


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