Girls in Pakistan Should Watch Educational Movies

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 12 May, 2014

There are twenty girls in our stitching center, where they learn stitching for free .some of them are illiterate so we have tried to convince them to get education; a few girls have taken admission in different classes. And those who are already educated I have asked them to teach our students for one hour a day and at the end of their stitching course we will give them certificates with very good remarks. But most of the girls are weak in mathematics. There was only one girl who knew it, but last week her brother stopped her to come to our center , she was doing her Masters in English literature and when she was doing her bachelors , one of my friends from abroad paid her fee which was $ 100. And as a result she did not only do her bachelors .but kept teaching our students for about one year as volunteer. Yesterday when I went to the center our students were looking very hopeless and angry on me. It made me feel very sad, they do not trust me still, they were supposed to come to me and would tell me there problem but it was a lack of their confidence in me that they did not tell it to me. Although it was already in my mind, that I have to arrange teacher of mathematics for them. Any ways I have found a girl who will teach maths. And then I asked my students that never lose your trust in me, I am there for you and you tell me your problems so that I can find a solution for you. I felt something more in the center that by coming new students, there is a kind of selfishness among my students; they were not like this before. New students do not understand the true meaning of education. So this time I have a plan to show then a movie , which will make them feel that how common people can make a big change in the society , in which they can understand that how to bring peace and what are the meaning of helping each other . I have a movie in my mind, which is three Idiots, so on this Friday we are going to watch a movie, I know it will be very risky to show then a movie, because in my society people do not allow girls to watch movies but its ok I know what I am going to do, it is for their education, so I will do it. Second I will delete all romantic science out of this, and will keep only those, in which there will be a focus only on education.


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