I Plant hope, I Grow Hope

Posted April 19, 2017 from Pakistan
In March-2017 I decided to leave my job because since more than one year I was feeling like I should leave my job so that I can give all my time to my school instead of doing job eight hours a day, six days a week and then school alsobut than I would compare ground realities, my financial conditions and then would change this idea of resignation but a few months back I started asking myself where do I feel happy, where do I like to spend more time of my day and during which time of the day I feel more energetic.

There was a quick and easy answer which was my school, my school is the place which gives me peace of heart, mind and soul.

And this was the moment when I decided to resign, I still do not have any regular source of income, to bearmonthly expenses of my school but still I was not scared, my heart was saying this is the best decision you have taken and go with that.

But then when I saw no hope I had to go through a big phase of stress there was a lot to think about and to plan. There are a lot of responsibilities,

My 206 students whose future is based on my decisions, my old parents who are totally my responsibility, my niece who is mentally not fine and lot more.

My brain was working like a machine, it did not allow me to sleep for four nights and days, my body was so tired, I was unable to walk, I was requesting my mother to pray for me so that I could sleep, I would stay in bed for days and nights but my brain was just thinking and thinking, I knew there was only one way to give it rest and that was to sleep for a long time

So I took sleeping pills and then I could sleep for a few hours, when I woke up I went to kitchen and my sister who was cooking food there,told me that one girl from stitching center came andshe was complaining about teacher’s behavior.

It was a big issue so I sent the teacher to our beauty salon training center for facial treatment and interviewedall women of stitching center one by one so that I could know what was going on.

While I was interviewing one girl she started crying, she was saying ‘’ my father is a drug addicted, my mother has no skill and we have no source of income’’ I asked how do you survive then? She replied ‘’ Sometime we eat and sometimes not but I hope after learning this skill I will be able to support my family so we all can eat food daily’’

After finishing the interviews I came to my room I locked the door and I cried in silence I was not only feeling her hunger and helplessness but my heart was in peace, because of my efforts, she was having a hope of a good future.

One of my students, whose father died of Hepatitis C and brother because of brain tumor, she did not only did her B.B.A but she is the only person who supports her family, she has been shortlisted for Young Connectors of Future program in Sweden, She said ‘’Sister Zeph if I will qualify for this program I will feel like God has rewarded me for all the suffering and pain which I have faced in my life’’

One girl who is in final year of her CSS she came to ask me about subjects for BSC (Hons) she is first in the history of her family who could reach to college level and now she will be going to University, while I was searching subjects for her I was dancing inside me with joy’’ one sister of this girl was got married when she was just SIX months old, yes six months old, and other sistergot married just at the age of 13 but this girl has changed the history and new ways for the girls who will take birth in future.

I said I am very happy for you never give up I am with you, she said’’ You gave me hope , I became a hope for others because hope never ends at one person it keeps moving ahead and leaves light every where ‘’

Another girl whose father got married three times and every time he left the wife for not producing the son for him, she is also doing CSS and wants to go to university, I saw a light of hope into her eyes today

‘’And first time I realized that yes I am making an impact, I have given them a hope for the future’’

I realized that my mission is to bring hope to all those girls, who are not heard, those who were not allowed to get education, I kept going to convince their families for years. Those who were not allowed to go out of home I brought my school in their homes and I would teach them there but finally parents would get agree to send them to my school. Those who were scared of harassment I taught them self-defense techniques. Those who got married as children I convinced them to get education for their children to keep safe from child marriage. Those who were facing physical and mental torture I made them economically empowered so they could support men and could gain enough confidence to fight against injustice

I brought hope to every door, because hope is light, the light which is really bright, this light is actually life.

If there is no hope, life is aimless, life is colorless, life is finished, and life finds no scope.

I brought hope to every door, so every woman can be adored

We must do only those things in life which give us peace of heart and which bring hope for others in our surroundings

I know with help of the World Pulse and friends around the world I will find ways to get enough financial and moral support for my cause so that this light of hope can bright more lives.

This post was submitted in response to Moments of Hope.

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