I was able to change her life with just $10

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By Sister Zeph

On 11 December, 2013

By Zephaniah

Qadar is in 8th standard, she is a beautiful and intelligent young girl, But in the December Tests she could not get good marks, I know from many years that her mother is a patient of cancer, so naturally qadar keeps sad all the time, but still she never ignored her studies and I love her due to this quality that she does focus on her studies. But since many days I was feeling that she was not focused, so last week I called her and asked the reason I wanted to help her and wanted to resolve her problem. She started weeping and told that her mother wants her to do some tuition, So that she can earn some money for her home. Because her father is a driver and although he is doing a double duty, but still he cannot earn this much to fulfill his family’s expenditures. She is just in 8th standard and only 14 years old, if she will teach children she cannot teach them properly so maybe she will earn something but how about those children whom she will teach? What they will learn from her? She does not have enough knowledge yet to pass on the others. And second she has to study herself, she will not have enough time for her own studies, she will have very less time for herself, what about her childhood? She will become mature very soon it is her right to enjoy her teenage life. And no one can take her this basic right On the other hands her mother is right being sick she cannot do a job herself. They do not have food at home to eat; they have to suffer for everything. After talking to Qadar there were a lot of questions in my mind and I had to get a way, to secure her future and other children whom she was planning to give tuition. So I made a plan, I got $10 bought some candies, cookies, chocolates and popcorns and gave it to Qadar, I asked her to sale in the school in break time and keep all the profit in her pocket I asked her to tell the other school mates that she will pay all the profit on daily bases to me and will not keep in her own picket, because herself respect is most important than anything else. If other school mates will come to know that, she is doing it to earn they will make fun of her. Qadar is now happy and earning $1 a day. Which is not enough of course but at least she did not have to sacrifice her studies to earn some money. It took me nothing only $1 and I was able to save one life, sometimes it takes us nothing to bring happiness in the lives of others.


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