Iffat and Sister Zeph’s collaboration for Women empowerment through digital technology

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By Sister Zeph

On 26 March, 2015

Life for women is very hard and there are some people in the world who want to help them to get their rights and to make better their living standards, who are giving them access to education, skills and awareness of their rights but still the process of progress for women is very slow. There are many reasons of this.

Most important reason is that women have no access to digital technology; our people think that computer is only to do a job and because women in our rural Pakistan are not allowed to do a job so they do not have to learn computer skills.

But Zephaniah Free Education is changing this point of view by giving computer skills to the mothers and daughters at a same time, it was not easy, it took us years to let the women know about the importance of digital technology in their lives.

And now we have a lot of students and issue is that we do not know about much computer programs, we cannot afford a teacher because when it comes to a computer teacher we will have to pay her a high salary which we cannot afford.

We can teach them basics of computer but our students because have so much awareness now so they are more demanding and want to learn more things, and if we would have been failed to teach them everything about digital technology , they needed to know ,it could lose their hopes and believe in us .

We have a good computer center; we have computers and all that is needed to run a computer center but not a good teacher.

But thanks to our friend Iffat Rose Gill who is the Chairperson and Founder of the ChunriChoupaal Organization which is working in Pakistan to raise the status of women through digital technology since years.

She has offered us to teach our girls with hundreds of programmes on digital technology, she has interviewed some of the girls and girls are very excited, we have a lot of students who want to join her online class room, with her collaboration we are going to make hundreds of girls a part of the Global Village thanks to the Iffat Rose Gill for providing this great opportunity for students.

I would like to invite you to get in touch with me or Iffat Rose Gill if you would like to volunteer and get involved with this initiative.


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