Importance of Education for older women

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 08 April, 2014

It was my dream to educate the elder women, who are now living a retired life, whose children have got married and they feel that elder people have nothing to do in this world now. Some youngsters think that older people needs only food to eat and that’s all, but no, it is not like this, they need love and care, they want to be heard, they want to be admired . We should respect their feelings, because they have given their lives for us, they did everything; they could, to make our lives better. So now it is our duty to take care of our senior citizens, My father is an educated man , At night time, my father, mother and I were used to sit in the TV lounge, My father was used to read news paper , I on laptop, but my mom was not having anything to do. I did not have much time to spend with her, because I have to do work from 6: AM to 11: PM, without any kind of break, But I was worried for her too. So I convinced her to start studying, and she did the same, she has learnt to write her name, and now when ever any post will come to home she will receive that herself after doing her signatures, she said this to me yesterday. I encourage her every day; she is now 65 and has set an example for other women in the area that there is no limit of age to learn new things. Now it is 7:PM here, I have just finished my class , and sitting in TV lounge Dad is reading news paper, I am on laptop but my mom is not looking at our faces, she is not lying down, she is not looking worried but she is looking very busy, because she is doing her home work. And best news is this that, today two ladies from the village came to our home , and this time I did not ask them to study but they showed their will to get education, they want to study and this time not me, but my mom was telling that , how important education is. I am very glad for her. She is looking like a very innocent kid; any one will fall in love with her by looking at her this time. And I am thinking that.We have to take an action we have to set an example , to bring a change.


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