Importance of women empowerment in our society

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By Sister Zeph

On 28 June, 2013

By Sister Zeph Women empowerment in our society . Kausar is a thirty eight years old lady, with four kids, she looks confident and clever, and A few months before she started visiting my home, as her kids are my students now. I have to do a full time job and cannot have a check on my stitching and embroidery centers, I was looking for a lady, who could do this to keep the things in order .So she took this responsibility and doing her work good. Last week she was jumping with joy, because for the first time she made an announcement in front of hundred men and women, that Sister Zeph is going to make a beauty salon for the girls to learn this skill so you send you girls to make them skilled. First she thought, she will not be able to do this, but I told her each and every thing that how to stand and how to talk and what to say. In this excitement for the first time she told me, what was in her heart, she told me that, her husband comes home late night and beats her every day, he is a drug addicted. Now she trusts me and told me everything, I heard her story for more them two hours, I wanted her to be relaxed, I wanted her to say whatever was in her mind and for what she has been suffering for a long time in every day of her life. Last week when her husband tried to beat her again, she said she will leave the home with her kids, she called the kids and asked in front of husband that with whom they want to live, they replied with mom. She told him that he will leave alone if none of them will live with him, and she told she is not weak now and if he will again try to beat her she will take a stand for her right, She does not want to leave the home and will never do this, but just wanted to make the husband feel that, he should respect her because she is his wife and not a slave. She is learning stitching and English, she wants to learn computer too, and her dream is to earn so much money so that her husband will not give her torture for very small things. She has dreams and a hope to make them true with the help of Zephaniah free Education. I am glad that now in my team there are four ladies who are teaching skills and there are more than thirty who are learning, after making salon I am expecting to empower about one hundred women in just one year. Kausar is an example for us that, by giving small opportunities and little care we can change many lives from the suffering and mental torture, I think this is the reason that some men are against women education, as if they will be empowered and will be aware of their rights, how the men will treat them like slaves, Husband and wife have individual roles to play in a married life and they should have an equal respect for each other, Man does not have a right to kill her self-respect. Now it is upon us that, we can help such women with a small amount of time, or money or education, or skills or we want a sick society, as it is in many parts of the society, this is a question to all my readers.

Sister Zeph


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