Internet is my Teacher So I am Teacher of my Students

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 18 May, 2014

We have a box at Zephaniah Free education, which called Complain box, so every student has a right to put any kind of complain, suggestion, and can ask any kind of questions in box. Today is Sunday and I spent my day in reading these slips, those were put in the box by our students, but it was not easy, because today they have asked me about all smallest and biggest things in the world. It was not easy to find the answers of their all questions but i found and learnt many new things on internet. Thanks to internet, due to which I can learn anything whatever my students ask me. I am their teacher because internet is my teacher; I am not scared of any things what they ask me. Because I know by only one click I can find the answer of everything. I wish I can make a computer learning center soon so that they can learn internet themselves one day. And change their lives.


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