Little Girl and The Rain

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 02 April, 2014

Like many parts of the world spring has started in Pakistan, the weather is very pleasant, The trees are getting green again, when I look at those trees, it feels like an old one is again getting young, or a sick is getting healthier again. Plants are getting beautiful flowers, there are all types of colors in my surrounding, girls are wearing clothes of very fascinating colors, the colors of spring, the colors of inner happiness, the colors of beauty, the colors of a new hope. Yesterday I was traveling to my home from the office in an open rickshaw, there was raining. This was an unexpected rain, and we who were scared of summer, it was like a gift of the spring season. I saw so many smiling faces, children were laughing on the roads. Women were traveling. Then I saw five years old Aniqa , who was playing near the main road, from where my rickshaw was passing, she was with some other children , all of them were so much happy in that beautiful weather, she is my students and travels every day about one Km to reach to my academy. When she looked at my me, she started jumping and clapping and laughing a lot with joy and was telling her friends , look she is sister Jef( Zeph) she loves me so much , she is my teacher. The happiness on her innocent face was very clear, it went into my heart and made my day special, today I am sitting in my office but still her face is in front of my eyes. I was thinking that what a recognition, what a love from an angel. I am sick now a days, My Doctor said that I need some rest, I cannot sleep enough so I have a swear pain in my shoulders. But today I am feeling better, because of her love, and because of her happiness. This is the reward of all my hard work, this is the gift of all my efforts that I do for girl’s education and empowerment, and this is the love and recognition which I cannot buy with money.


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