My Digital Campaign to spread awareness for Women Education and Empowerment

Posted March 13, 2017 from Pakistan

Zeph Education is an initiative to educate and empower women in rural Pakistan, where child marriage is a story of every day, honor killing is common, girls have no right to go to school, they have no right to take a decision, they are considered as property of men, whose job is to please their men and to produce children only.

In that area we are providing twelve years free education and skills like, stitching, party make up, bridle make up, self-defense techniques, English language , IT Courses, Basketball, Boxing since many years and now we have started giving our students training of Martial Arts too.

Every year more than 200 women learn above mentioned skills so that they can work from home and can support themselves and their families financially

106 girls are getting free education in the school.

So our students are college and university students, they have beauty salons, they are professional tailors, they are administrators and are working in offices, they nurses and teachers and healthy and educated mothers

My Digital Action Campaign

My Digital Action Campaign will project all the activities of Zeph Education on different media platforms including World Pulse, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Blogger, newspapers, community radio and TV for duration three months.

The goal of my champagne is to spread awareness about Zeph Education’s work and achievements on national and international level so that people can understand that it is not impossible to educate and empower women, And that if women will be empowered peace and equality will take place in the world which is our ultimate objective

I wish to achieve all these through my Digital Action Campaign-

  • Bring awareness on women rights in the world
  • Raise fundsfor ongoing projects of Zeph Education
  • Get attention of different companies and individuals who can provide us material to educate and empower more women
  • We do not have regular funding so every month I have to go through a stress and hard work to arrange money for our regular expenses so I would like to reach out to those people who can help me to achieve this task
  • Some people do a propaganda against me that being Christian I preach Christianity among my students I want to make it clear that I have no attention to preach any religion except humanity
  • I want people know through my story that I am a woman and my parents have no son they gave me education and freedom and I did not bring sham but respect for them in the society
  • I want to bring awareness against honor killing so that people can understand that there is no honor in killing
  • I want to aware women that through skills they can be strong and empowered
  • I will bring awareness among masses that education is the only solution of our all problems
  • I will bring awareness that education can help to end terrorism in the world
  • I will bring awareness that through my education system we can unite the world and can end misunderstanding among nation

Men take birth from wombs of women and then those men think only they are human beings but not the women so women have to suffer for basic needs and basic rights whole life, but if women will be educated and empowered and if they will not have to depend on men for basic needs they will be able to claim a right of equality which is a fundamental right of women and this is the mission of my life

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