Our Girls will Bring Back our Girls

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 02 May, 2015

A few days before one of our students who was going back home from the school, was harassed by a few boys, this was not first time but she never told it to anybody according to her, she was scared that her father will kill her if any boy will come after her because it is being considered in our society that if a boy will harass a girl it will be her own fault because if she is a good girl no one will have courage to give her bad remarks

So when two weeks before he and his friends stopped her at her way someone saw it and spread news that she was having an affair with those boys at a time and they were planning to meet somewhere, some other said she went with them for a night and so on

Now no body trust her, she had to leave her studies , she wanted to join Pakistan Army but now she cannot go out of home even,  she has got very sick , even her younger sisters are being teases by others

Her life has ruined, she came to meet me yesterday, she wants to join our center again, I want to give her another chance and for this I will have to fight to so many people in the society because there is no concept of a second chance for a girl in our culture and if I will bring her back to the center without a proper planning, so many parents will call be bad and will bring their daughters home from my center

But we cannot leave her life this, our girls are learning self defense through internet , I have told them if a boy tries to do same thing with any of them, just let him know with your kicks that he has to behave himself or he will have to be ready for his legs be broken .

We cannot take it more, this is a time when we have to take a stand ourselves, and we have to tell the men that we are not weak and we are complete human beings, we are not something with which they can play and through away, we are somebody and we have a power to fight for our rights.

2nd these girls will do a campaign for a month in which they will spread this true news that she was not wrong and that actually boy is the one who should be punished and that she must given a chance to make her dreams come true, we will do this campaign in a very strong way that any rumors will be ruined under this news. Or we will have to be silent completely so that people forget about this, but it can happen to anybody else also,

So I told them that ask question, because until you will remain silent nobody will stop destroying your lives

Ask to those who tell you to stop talking to her, who tells you that she is not a good girl, ask them who has a proof that she spent a night out of home, where she was gone, do they have any photo or video about this, who is the eye witness?

Now there are even more student in our self defense class although we have a very small space for this , and we do not have a teacher so we take lessons from internet sometimes we cannot understand the techniques but at least the girls are doing something to defend themselves, so we are happy .


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