She was having a knife in her bag , because she was hungry

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 11 March, 2014

Maira is a ten years old girl, but never shows interest in her studies, I have used every trick that I could to get her education but I could develop her interest in her studies, I know this is my failure. When I look at her face there is something very deep in her eyes, like she wants to say something, when she smiles she looks very beautiful, when I give her something to eat, she smiles, looks at me and then pick that thing and eats immediately. She is very weak and thin. But it is all normal in my students, because all of them belong to poor families. Today she came after many days, so I asked her the reason she was silent again and just was staring at my face. Then one child told me that maira has a big knife in her school bag. I asked her, and she told me that she was cutting vegetable, so in a hurry put the knife in her bag, I did not rebuke her for this just made her understand and other children politely that it is dangerous to keep something like this with you. And asked the head girls, secretly to keep an eye on them, if any child do it again, let me know immediately. But I kept an eye on her, I wanted to know that why she brought the knife with her, So after half an hour when she felt all of us were busy, she went into a corner, brought the knife out of her bag and then one piece of turnip and started eating that by cutting into pieces, So I went to her and asked where did she get this turnip. She replied I was cutting vegetable at my neighbor’s home and I was very hungry so I just stole it from there. I did not have anything to say to her, because I could not understand that, who is wrong our society that has created such circumstances for children that they have to steal food for then. Her neighbor was supposed to give her something to eat. Or those parents who make children by own will and then say this is a God’s will, that they are having a new child every year. And do not give them enough food, education and health facilities.


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