Sister Zeph an Education Activist from Pakistan

Posted October 8, 2017 from Pakistan
In the region of Pakistan women are victims of men since ancient time, its basic reason is cultural and religious beliefs, all those things which men do with pride are considered sin and unforgiveable crimes if women do it, like love marriage, going out of home alone, getting education, to be bold, to have dreams or to choose a career etc.

A woman never knows who will be her life partner, what will be his age, how he will treat her, he will have wives before or not

After getting married she cannot go to her parent’s house without permission of her husband. Her in- laws beat her, insult her, abuse her and she has to have unwanted sex with her husband.

Sexually frustrated men who treat women bad outside home they keep own women inside the house in strict restrictions because they are afraid that same will happen to their family’s women, as a result women cannot have access to education, health facilities and career opportunities, they become so weak to depend on men for everything and men treat them as their masters and owners, they write women ‘fortune, dreams and life.

Therefore I have devoted my life to raise the status of women through education and empowerment At Zeph center we are giving all these services free of charge.

Twelve years free Education and below given skills

  1. Stitching course
  2. Hair dressing
  3. Party make up
  4. Bridle make up
  5. IT Courses
  6. English language course
  7. Library
  8. Self-defense techniques
  9. Women’s health
  10. Blogging
  11. Financial management
  12. Art
  13. Peace Building

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