There I see a Hope for women of my World

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By Sister Zeph

On 28 April, 2013

By Zephaniah I am living in Pakistan and it is one of the most dangerous lands to live in ,for all kind of people ,If you are rich you have to be scared of kidnappers, if you are a liberal you will have to be scared of the killers, if you are a politician you will have to be scared of the opponents, If you are a poor you will have to be scared of poverty all the time , But if you are a woman you will have to be scared of everything, you cannot go out of home without a man , and you will have to be scared of men of your own family. Here a woman always has to look for protection from the men and for this she has to be dependent on the man, she is not confident; she does not know that either she has any right or not, Today when I went to a married lady ,I asked her to join a mothers meeting in my free school where I am teaching girls and women since fifteen years as a volunteer, She said ,I cannot come , I asked why ? She replies because I cannot go, even to the door of my home, without permission of my husband and this time he is not at home, so I cannot join your meeting. In election they cannot cast vote with own choice or some of them are not even allowed to cast the vote. When I was thirteen I felt that I will change the condition of the women, So I started a school as a volunteer in open air in home and till now in fifteen years I have taught more than five hundred girls and women, and have taught them soft skills along with my job and studies, in evening time, Because I always wanted that only education and awareness can change the lives of women. I want every girl to be free, to be educated, to be self made, to be confident, to be aware of her rights, to be protected, to be a professional and for this I know they need education and awareness, and I think this situation is not only in Pakistan but in many countries of the third world. When I heard about the World pulse’s VOF program I joined it immediately because this platform is doing exactly that thing, that is my mission and vision, for the future of the women of this world. Since when I have joined this program I feel like it is water for my thirst of knowledge and awareness about women’s issues and there solution, I feel like I am not alone now, because there are lot women in the whole world, who are now listening my voice through this channel. Although I am working on grass root levels since my childhood, but I was never this much confident before, I was never been this much admired before, I was not having this much bigger audience to hear me before. I believe by joining Voices of Correspondent I will be able to raise my voice in all over the world for the women, ,who are suffering, who are still neglected t, who have not been heard yet, Whose stories world need to know . I will be able to get more knowledge and guidance to fight for the women of my world. I will be able change thousands of lives, I will learn and I will pass my knowledge and awareness to those who still do not have access to the justice. Because through World Pulse I see a hope for the women of my world.


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