They Went to School and Never Came Back

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 18 December, 2014

It has been three days that on TV, on internet and on the faces of every human being in my surrounding there is a mourn, it feels like everything is weeping in silence. I feel myself like I am living but I am not alive. When I look at these faces, their smiles and know that we cannot see them again, I feel like my heart is died inside. When I go to my center students ask me why it happened. What was the reason? What was their crime, can it happen to any child in Pakistan? Who will protect us? What we should do to be protected? There is a kind of terror. I live in Punjab hundreds of miles far from the Peshawar but feel like my heart is there with them. There is only one thing which is being heard from everybody on TV, on print media, on social media that any human cannot do such thing. Everywhere in every corner of the Pakistan people are sad they are weeping, they are praying and for the first time in my life I saw such unity in the people of Pakistan, today we are not divided on the bases of religion, cast, faith, color and area of living, we are all crying on this lose we are all one, we are all determined to end the terrorism from our country. We will never see these children smiling again, we will never see these full of life faces again, but it does not make us scared, they are our heroes, they are not dead they will always remain alive in our hearts. Terrorists thought that they have made us scared and we will stop sending our children to the schools, No they were not correct they could not stop us. We are most powerful and United then ever.


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