Treatment for Burn Victims

Our 9 years old student Meerab who was burnt while cooking for her younger Siblings in May-2018, whose parents abandoned her and kept in home for one month until it came to knowledge of Sister Zeph who brought her to biggest hospitals in Lahore which rejected to take this little girl because she had third degree burns and was almost dead because of blood lose,germs in her open wounds and puss from her wounds.

But Sister Zeph kept trying with help of Malee Kenworthy founder and president SEW support Education worldwide and finally their friends from all over the world took its notice and helped this little girl to be healed. after four months she has returned home, her wounds have been healed completely. She had to suffer a lot though, had to go through several surgeries and pain. But she is safe from now on. We are very proud that we were able to save a life.[huge_it_slider id=”1″]