Women and the role of Media

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By Sister Zeph

On 08 April, 2013

By Zephaniah As a woman I believe that women are a most powerful tool to change the world ,but in my part of the world they are not given the opportunities to bring change or know their rights In third world countries most of the population is living in villages or backward areas, so women are in their homes like in a prison. They do not have opportunities to go out and to learn new things to make themselves empowered.

But media platforms like Web 2.0 is like a miracle in women’s lives. Sitting at home now they have access to everything they want to know and want to do. Social media and internet is a most powerful tool for women to know their rights, to know the stories of successful and brave women. They can talk to anyone; they can share problems with each other and can learn how to resolve their problems.

Now educated women can get every kind of information and opportunity to make progress and to fight for their rights.

But we need to focus on the women who are not educated, and who do not have access to the online media. They are still in misery and suffering so many forms of mental and physical tortures by their society. We need to give them education, and to show them that they can do whatever they want with the help of the media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter because these are the very fast channels to have our say and to get the feedback.

I myself use these platforms to change the lives of 150 women. On the grass root level I am changing lives of women through showing them what they can achieve their goals with the help of the online media .

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