Women Behind the Walls or Bars ?

Posted January 16, 2016 from Pakistan
At Zeph education we doing an activity with our girls now days, we are making videos of some of our students who are getting education or are learning skills from here and changing their lives

We ask four questions from them

  1. What problem do you think girls are facing in our society?
  2. How these problems can be resolved in your point of view ?

Most woman have same problems, like they are not allowed to go out of home, they are not allowed to get education, they are forced to get married in early age, women have no access to health care, it is common to beat woman by the men and they cannot live a life of their own choice

  • One girl told a story of a young girl whose brothers cut her into pieces, they cut her fingers, hands, arms, foot, legs, nose, ears and when all body parts were cut they cut her neck at the end so she was killed like this, her crime was this that she did not want to get married with an old man.
  • Other girl told a story of her elder sister who was bind into a marriage when she was just SIX months old, her uncle wanted to get married with a girl of his choice and the family of girl asked for two girls of his family in return so they had a girls who was also ten years old and other was this six month old and both of them were married in return.
  • Another girl told a story of her family where girls who would go out of home without permission of the men they would beat on the legs of the girls and would make their hands injured so that they never try to step out of home again with fear
  • Another girl who wanted to get education and did not want to get married at the age of 16 sixteen, had to commit suicide at the end when no one allowed her to go to school but forced to get married

Woman are living in such situation every day, I can never imagine condition of those people who cannot read of right, I cannot measure their lonely less I think there is no crime bigger then this to stop one from getting education

Women are living a life like slaves, they are living in prisons a house where you have to live only for others, where you have no choice, no right to take a decision, have no right to have a dream, where you cannot take any step with your own choice, where you are being told that if you will try to make your relatives happy you will be happy and this is a purpose of your life, where you do not have your own life. You cannot live for yourself, where other people decide when you can smile and when can weep, that cannot be a home not evens a house that is a prison.

But in such condition in the third world where women are being considered of less value and are not being given their basic rights most of the times.

Even those women are very good leaders and show their leader ship in their so called homes, because men work all day out of home and they handle everything at home each woman has to deal with many relatives like husband, children, in-laws, parents , brothers, sisters, friends, cousins and most of the time they live in a same village or belong to a same family because cousin marriages are common, and only one woman handle with all these people and try to keep them happy.

They keep all their pain in their hearts and have an ability to smile in front of their children and other family members; they work day and night to give them comfort, they cook food to keep them healthy, they give them neat and clean clothes,. They wake up first of all and sleep when all of the family members go to bed.

And they do their best that their children do not have to face such circumstances what they had to face in their youth

So what kind of leaders do we want to make our world a better place? those who can live for others, those who can sacrifices to make others happy, those who can do their jobs in bad circumstances, those who can handle all type of situations, those who can have a control on their minds, those who can do hard work, those who can have a desire and ability to make a difference for new generations

So why do not we provide more opportunities to women to become leaders? when it is clear that women are the best leaders because they do not live for themselves but for the people who live in their surrounding

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