Zeph Girl’s Diary Part 3

Posted May 10, 2016 from Pakistan
And then that amazing day came in to my life when I broke all the records of family history and became a first girl who passed her 8th standards it was May-2013 I cannot describe my feelings I was crying so loudly I was shouting I wanted to tell the whole world that have done it

In my family there was a kind a silence no one was happy for this success except my mother and Sister Zeph but I was so glad because I was satisfied in my heart and this was enough for me.

But this joy was only for a few days because a bigger challenge was waiting for me I knew my father will not allow me to take admission in 9th standard I kept thinking and then went to sister Zeph and asked her to guide me what to do, she said please give me a few hours let me think how to convince your father and then I will tell you. Next day she said go to your home and tell your father about my story may be it will convince him so I told my father I said father, Look at sister Zeph she has no brother her father is also sick but she is not only supporting her family but she is helping so many girls like me to get education and to learn skills and there are so many people who respect her and her family because of her character and for what she is doing and all of this is because of her education so if I will be educated I will also get you more respect in the society ,But my father was not convinced.

I came back to sister Zeph and told her she said Ok bring your parents to me and I will talk to them but I started crying because I knew they will not be agreed but sister Zeph gave me a hug and said we will make it possible we should not be afraid of our challenges but we should find ways to overcome them this statement gave me courage and I brought my parents to her.

Sister Zeph told my father that you are a very brave man and I respect you a lot because it is not easy to feed nine children along with wife and yourself but you are doing it all alone hats off to you , but I think there should be someone who can stand with you who can support you, but my father said girls are not allowed to work in my family she will have to get married soon so I cannot spend my money on her education , sister Zeph said if she will help you things will get easier for you, your life style will be changed you will not have to do this much hard work to feed your family people like you can change the world you are an intelligent man and I know you will stand with your daughter and will help her to make her dreams come true

By listening this my father was convinced and he allowed me to get more education but he said I cannot afforded the expensed so sister Zeph said do not worry for anything I will buy her books uniform shoes and will pay her fee so he was agree and I won another battle to continue my education.

So I started reading my books I worked so hard because I really wanted to support my father I wanted to change this perception that only boys can support their fathers.

But every day was tough for me I was scared whole year because my father’s mood is unpredictable you cannot say when he will do what but finally I was able to take exams of 9th standard, during the whole year sister Zeph took responsibility of my food, milk, shoes, stationary, uniform and everything I was not worried for anything but only for my father’s mood.

So I passed my 9th standard and when I was in 10th standard again my aunt came with her son’s proposal for me who is very older then I in age and I do not like him at all.

So my father gave her an unexpected answer which made me feel so proud he said I cannot get her married yet because she is studying, my aunt said what she will do by getting education after all she will do house hold like every woman do but my father replied she will get me respect and name in the society

But hardships of my life were not over yet there were a lot of challenges ahead for me

To be continued

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